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And my cock was so hard, that it was painful to sit at the computer desk and keep the fantasy going. I wanted to jump in my car; hell, I wanted to beam over to Tampa and fuck the living shit out of this awesome chick! She was driving me completely bonkers with desire. "Here," she typed, dragging a tit up to my mouth, "Suck this for me, I wanna see how hard my nipple can get with your mouth on it!" I groaned out loud and sucked in that fat teat and as much of her boob as ... tight assole extreme story women erotic fuck

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As her hand rubbed up and down my member it stood to attention and was soon like a ramrod in her hand. "I think I have been missing out all these years." The Queen suddenly said as I finished my story. " Not that the Prince is not the most loving husband but I have never tried any of these... er practices with him. I am sure if I asked him he would see it all as rather unnatural. I mean when you just licked me down below just now... well even my husband has never done that and yet it felt quite wonderful. I shall have to try and encourage him. David, would you mind as it were initiating ... women erotic fuck tight assole extreme story

deep anal penetration pictures women erotic fuck tight assole extreme story

Do while i'm having sex, and sometimes i'm putting together my grocery list or thinking about tivo during sex. I'm so frustrated, that's the real reason I don't have a boyfriend." I risked a glance at him and he was starring at me with his fork poised in the air. Damn, I had shocked him already. I thought he would at least be stuffed off pie and lulled into a false sense of security before I started springing the big stuff at him. I held my hand up to signal to him that there was more. He arched his eyebrow but thankfully said ... women erotic fuck tight assole extreme story

Tried anything, but a part of me was glad that he hadn't ruined movie time. If he kissed me anything like he'd done before, i'm not sure that i'd ever look at movie watching the same again. I was having enough trouble trying to ignore how large his chest seemed. It's like it just sprang out of nowhere. By the fourth margarita and the middle of the third movie, we were damn near passed out. I barely had the presence of mind to turn off the television, go get Jake a pillow and blanket ...

Dick out of her asshole before shoving it back in. "Faster!" Wendy demanded. "I can take it! Fuck me harder!" At the same time, she began to push her ass back at Paul to meet each of his thrusts with one of her own. Paul increased his pace gradually until his dick went in and out of her pussy almost as fast as if he were fucking her pussy. "Yeah! That's it!" Wendy screamed, finally satisfied with his pace. "Fuck my asshole! Fuck me hard!" Terri stood a few feet away and watched with rapt attention as Paul pounded Wendy's asshole. The way the other girl ... tight assole extreme story

Hmm? What do you think?" Your hands are resting on my asscheeks, massaging only the slightest bit. I nod my head slowly, and push my ass back against your hands. "That's what I thought," I can hear the smug smile in your voice. As you remove your hands, my ass feels colder, despite the hot water that continues to stream down over me. Suddenly your hand falls against my skin with a loud SLAP! My head falls back as I gasp, my neck arching. You slap me again and again, the pleasure-pain warming my ass and making my pussy wet. After countless smacks, you stop, resting your hands against my stinging flesh. ... women erotic fuck

Whole body tightens up and starts to quake as she explodes in a wonderful climax, small whimpers come from the pillow and I continue my assault. Just having cum earlier I can last a lot longer and enjoy the tight feel of my wife's twat and stuffed ass. This has got to be the best purchase I've made in along time. I feel her pussy squeeze my cock with her orgasmic spasms and her ass starts squeezing and releasing the plug in her ass. Holy shit it is so cool, this is our best sex session since we have been married and it isn't over yet. She ...

Much later we talked about this comment. It was true. She was an oral virgin, which says much of the qualities, and education, of many men. We have often laughed about it, agreeing that there should be a chair in "Sex Education" in all universities, and that proper sex should be taught in schools. For the moment we continued to whisper, and talk, to hold, touch, and caress each other. She asked me to continue my oral ministrations, and more truths came out. I told her that I would like to give her an oral orgasm. She had never had one. She had only come to orgasm by ... women erotic fuck tight assole extreme story

Asscrack. I slowly rolled it out along her back, up to the small of her back and more, almost up to between her shoulder blades. She shuddered when she realized how long that fucking tool was... but she begged me to get it up into her. Soon she would beg me to stop. I took the head of the dildo and rubbed it around her sweet asshole. "Do you want some lube, Jeanne?" "There's plenty of lube starting about five inches up my ass... Now pack my shit and make it hurt good!" With that, I started twisting the dildo up into ...

About yet. I can't add another one. My cock looks up and me and says, "I'll be the judge of that. When do I get to fuck this little bitch again?" I looked down and said, "Be nice. She'll fuck you, I'm sure, and more than once before the night is over." "Well, alright, but let's get to it. Her pussy's getting all the action and I just here stargazing." "We could get a big hotel room, John. One with a Jacuzzi. You could fuck us both silly, and then we would put on a show for you to get you hard again. I might even let you try fucking my ... tight assole extreme story

What I want. GIVE IT TO ME NOW. Give me what I want, what I demand of you....." Your hands furiously stroking your cock up and down, your tongue licks your lips in anticipation, your legs wide open, your moans and groans falling free in urgency..... I take the dildo and slowly place it at the tip of my asshole. I whimper, "Sir, please..... Sir, I can't. I can't do this...It hurts..." You look at me and say, "My good girl, I never said I would be easy on you, but I am good to you. Come here and let me help you." You look at me gently and pat your side. Your smile so kind, inviting me into bed with you. You ... women erotic fuck

Shall always remember tonight and the way you have opened my eyes and indeed other parts of me. Now please get on and fuck this Queen's arse!" I was surprised at how far the Queen had relaxed in her use of language. I simply continued to caress her clitoris and began once more to slowly thrust deep into the tight passage of her anus. Now she was starting to relax and enjoy the penetration. I could feel her rectum slowly opening. I slid my fingers into her sopping cunt and could feel the juices gushing from her as I opened up my assault on her other more intimate orifice. With my finger coated in ... women erotic fuck tight assole extreme story

Before wrapping her lips around the tip of my pulsating dick again. "Go on, grab my hair. I know you want to." She reached up taking my hands and guiding them into her hair. I twisted her hair around my fists in two separate knots and started pumping against her face. I felt my balls tightening as I pushed against her face harder trying to push my dick into this slut's voice box. I was almost halfway in when she gagged and pushed me back away from her coughing. The beginning of tears had formed in the corners of her eyes as she looked ...

To her breast. I slipped the strap of her negligee from her shoulder leaving one of her breasts exposed. They were very large but rounded, firm and upright. Her skin was exquisitely smooth and pale. I dropped my head away from her face and bent to lick the exposed breast. Gently nibbling around the nipple and then circling the erect pink tip with my tongue. She gasped with pleasure as I took the whole nipple in my mouth and began to suck first gently and the more vigorously. She seemed to enjoy this firm treatment and ... tight assole extreme story

Into pleasure. For men, anal sex also offers stimulation to the prostate, an organ that provides the rush of pleasure during orgasm. Anal sex for many seems like a taboo activity, and much of society still shuns it. But statistics show that roughly 35% of heterosexuals and 50% of the gay community practice anal sex at least occasionally. She reached under her skirt and grasped her panties. George's eyes had been fixed on hers, but they quickly fell to her skirt when he saw her hands disappear beneath. "Sara!" he whispered. He turned around to check for himself whether anyone ... women erotic fuck

With an accent, European, but I couldn't place it. "Mr. Otting was here about the collection." He said, "He left this for you." And offered my stranger a large manila envelope. My stranger took it and replied in a foreign language, the old man nodded and walked off to the barn. We stepped into a small room, cool and dimly lit, with very old-fashioned furniture, paneled walls and African masks and spears along the walls. There was a stairway with a heavy ballistrade to one side and I followed him up it. I wanted to explain ...

I'm going to turn it on," I say to her, twisting the end switch. The DP toy comes alive and I hear the small hum and watch the toy vibrate my wife's ass and cunt at the same time. Her eyes get wider and she starts to smile. "Now that is certainly different, you can't vibrate you cock like that," she giggles and lies back enjoying her new toy. I keep it pushed in deep and let the vibrations penetrate her body before I start to move it slowly out and back in. I watch as both extensions slide in and out of my ...

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