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The process of anal stretching is a lot like earlobe stretching, except you don't wear the "jewelry" around the clock. Like stretching a piercing, ... - 12k - -


The candles are great because they allow your anus to stretch very slowly. Once the 1.5L Coke bottle can enter your ass, train every day or two (use a large ... - 11k - -

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vere anal stretching will result in muscle damage. These. results imply that the sphincteric muscle ... a distendable device for anal stretching. Before the ... - -> Anal Stretching

I recently stopped with the anal stretching. Just to catch up other things. I'll probably go back to it in 3 weeks. Maybe. :zzz: ... - -> Nastystallion's Guide To Maximum Anus Stretching

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For many years up until 1995, customary treatment included warm baths, topical anesthetics, stool bulking agents, mechanical anal stretching, and, ... - 55k - -

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One very persistent internets user spent months and months trawling all the gay erotica and anal stretching newsgroups, and eventually located the star of ... - 88k - -

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I would like to try anal play and maybe even sex but my anus seems very tight. I wanted to ask the best method of stretching the anus muscles so that I ... -

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I want to know proceedure for Internal Anal Sphincter stretching. - 31k - -

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spelled anal beads. An instrument inserted into the ass, with bumps that keep getting bigger, meant to stretch the ass and put strain on it until it pops. ... - 23k - -

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