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Moans around my cock and I feel her body convulse as she comes. Her orgasm begins as the first steamer of cum splatters onto her tongue. She closes her mouth around my cock and swallows every drop. We fall apart again. "John, I hoped I was offering my body to someone who was a good lay. This would have been a bad experience if you were a lousy lay. It least I can concentrate on the power of the sex and enjoy your cock." We lay on the bed getting to know each other while we recover. She has my cock in her hand and softly jacks my cock. "Sandy, where does your husband think ... cheek extreme black fucked gallery fucking

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The sight of her wet cunt still got me hard quickly. I notched the beast into her pussy and pushed it home. "Oh, yes, John, I love that cock of yours. No one fucks me better." "Where else do you get cock?" "None of your fucking business, John, just get your cocki into me." I looked in the mirror and watched her fumbling with the buttons on her jacket. She opened it and I could see her long tits with the hard nipples she loved to pull on while I dicked her. Her cunt was hot and tight. I slid into her and began fucking her ... fucked gallery fucking cheek extreme black

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She rested her head on my thin stained carpeting and reached back with both hands prying her cheeks apart so I could get a better look at her little asshole. "Fuck me. Go on fuck my booty." I didn't keep her waiting any longer. I dug my fingers into her backside squeezing her plump bottom. Her soft flesh gave way to my fingers as I guided my fuck stick into her anus shoving the first inch in past her resistance. I bet her mother heard her scream in response to that and I was barely past an inch inside her rectum. I almost felt ... fucked gallery fucking cheek extreme black

Got Dave's dick fully erect and he wasted no time inserting it into Terri's soaking pussy, which clamped down on it immediately and held it like a fist. Then he reached down and scooped up some of the pussy juice that coated her pussy lips and thighs and stuck his wet forefinger into her asshole. "Yeah, that feels good!" Terri moaned. "Now stick your dick in!" Dave ignored her for the time being, squeezed his middle finger into her asshole, too, and finger-fucked her leisurely. "Stick your dick up my ass!" Terri demanded again. "Take it easy, baby," ...

A lovely valley of cleavage. Strands of soaking hair hung in front of her face. She stared at herself in the mirror-nude, wet and bent over the bathroom sink-with an almost frightening look of lust and determination. "Fuck me," she growled, wiggling her ass. "Not yet," I said secretively. She pouted, but I ignored her and began inspecting her body. Her tender pussy lips were swollen and pulsing, open and ready. But they weren't the focus of attention today. I watched as water, and probably now, sweat, dripped down the curve of her back. A ... cheek extreme black

Have sex with you than be out in the rain." Crystal said softly. "You can use me. I won't complain." It only took a moment for it to settle in that I had a girl who was willing to let me use her for whatever I wanted. "So I can do anything I want to you?" She nodded. "Like make you suck my dick?" She responded by turning around and starting to tug at my boxers. "Whoa I didn't say suck, I was just asking. What about putting it in your ass?" She nodded again. "How long do you want to stay with me?" The ideas of what I could do with this woman were dancing through ... fucked gallery fucking

Meet Gaby, have lunch, fuck her until my balls turned blue and her pussy raw, then drive back to Fort Lauderdale. How hot was she? Oh, my God! When we first started chatting it was all very polite and complimentary. I'm not like some of those assholes, who (even in a chat room) are only "Wham", and "Slam, May I fuck you Ma'am!" God no! The first time we chatted was for two hours and certainly it was about sex and relationships, but mostly it involved getting to know each other. The second time was strictly about our marriages, how they were and how they should be. But the third time? We made ...

Out and then repeated the passionate action. Each time I pulled out, her pussy walls gripped against cock, encouraging me not to leave. Then with each teasing reentry, her lips parted easily as I slipped in and out of her tight cavern. "You feel so fucking good, babe!" as I stroked slowly watching her folds flex with my motion. "Yob mnye!" she called back. "You're so goddamn tight!" "I like," she gasped. I began picking up the pace a bit as my dick passed in and out of her with ease, her ... fucked gallery fucking cheek extreme black

Over to Terri and wrapped his arms around her from behind. "I don't know," Terri said, still not entirely convinced. Listening to Terri's objections, Wendy was rapidly running out of patience. Her pussy was throbbing like crazy and she was more than anxious to get started. "Come on, Paul, get your dick into me!" she said as she bent over the counter and bunched her miniskirt around her waist, exposing her naked ass and wet, hairless pussy. Paul's dick was ready. As soon as he unzipped the fly of his jeans and pulled it out, it stood up proudly, a drop of pre-cum already ...

Pumped into her cleavage. I climbed off and lay alongside her on the tiled floor getting my breath back for a moment. My prick was limp and sticky with my own cum, lying on my thigh. I lifted a hand and began to smear my jizz all over her chest. She smiled back at me as I frosted her tits and belly. I wondered...was I falling for this girl? A minute or so later it seemed that the spell was broken. She propped herself on her elbows and started to get up off the floor. I watched as her body shifted its weight, her boobs swinging to her front as she got to her feet. "I should ... cheek extreme black

He is going to have a shower. I yell at him to hurry up and get out. I lie there for a moment wanting to fart, but worried that more than air will come out. I have too much pride to go into the bathroom while Nick is there so ease to my feet and awkwardly walk limp into the kitchen, slip on my gown and light a cigarette. Nick's clutch bag is on the table. I open it, see a large wad of money - who carries over a thousand bucks on their way to play tennis? - and relieve him of three hundred dollars. I am back in ... fucked gallery fucking

Criminals. We took our bond to a whole other level. We never told anyone about that night, but we always remembered it, and so did the cop. Anal sex can be enjoyed even if it has been consistently uncomfortable in the past. Sufficient desire alone does not necessarily guarantee pleasurable anal sex. Nor is an uncomfortable previous experience always the reason for a lack of interest in or desire for anal sex. "What the fuck is this?!" It was the scream heard round the world, or at least around the apartment complex. "Answer me young lady!" The voice was that of fifty three year old Gwendolyn ... fucked gallery fucking cheek extreme black

Pain as I pushed farther into her. "That's a good bitch take it." I pushed a little harder sinking half way into her now and barely pausing for her comfort. The pained look on her face as she grit her teeth was priceless. I've never seen a woman in more pain continue pushing on forward. When I buried the last of my cock inside her and my balls were resting against her cunt I could only smile. I felt her bowels loosen as she got used to having eight inches of dick inside her and relaxed. "You ok?" I asked. When she nodded I pulled back, nearly slipping out of her bum before plunging back into her. Each thrust bounced ...

Ran the thirty or so steps to my car! Gaby got caught by a light and so I got to the room first and sat down on the bed. My mind was going a million images an hour and all of them were making me crazy on fire! We had been fuck buddies in the rooms of Literotica for so long I thought this day would never come. Yet here it was, and even better, she hadn't had sex in a month! Just as I kicked off my shoes, the door opened and she came in. She studied the room as if she were a visitor, not an honored guest! "You like the room, Babe?" She turned to face me, "It's so nice, I'm just looking at it to remember it all; ... cheek extreme black

We love having you here with us." I kissed Charles and said, "Thank you" I got into my car and started it up. Pat got in and told me where I had to bring him. I started to pull out and I waved my hand out the window to the other two saying goodbye. Driving down the road Pat asked me if I would like to see some nice scenery. I told him. "Okay," I said. He began to tell me were to turn off. We headed down the back road. Further we went down and I noticed the road was ending. ... fucked gallery fucking

Her ass and the head of my cock bumped gently against her now moist pussy. Again I resisted the urge to plunge into her and simply continued massaging her warm bottom. I pulled away from her and guided her to the bed. She shuffled a little awkwardly with the panties around her knees, but I laid her face down and eased them off of her legs. I quickly found the massage oil and straddled her prone form. Pouring some of the almond scented oil in my hands I warmed it up before dribbling it on her back and working ...

Was around. Pat I noticed was starring at them as I was leaning over. He came over to me and started to talk to me. I looked at him and said, "Out of all the years coming over to my sisters, now you want to talk to me." "Leanne I do not say much to anyone," he said. I laughed and said, "Well what brought you over to talk to me now?" "My big breasts that you been eyeing on half the night?" "Leanne I have to admit they are lovely." "Thank you," I said I turned away and watched Bobby and Charles play cards. Bobby was losing of course. Charles always seems to win. I think he cheats at times, but I do not put ...

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